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Friday, 16 November 2018

Ace : Cloud9 Editor written in JavaScript

Ace is an embeddable code editor written in JavaScript. It matches the features and performance of native editors such as Sublime, Vim and TextMate. It can be easily embedded in any web page and JavaScript application. Ace is maintained as the primary editor for Cloud9 IDE and is the successor of the Mozilla Skywriter (Bespin) project.

  1. Syntax highlighting for over 110 languages (TextMate/Sublime Text.tmlanguage files can be imported)
  2. Over 20 themes (TextMate/Sublime Text .tmtheme files can be imported)
  3. Automatic indent and outdent
  4. An optional command line
  5. Handles huge documents (four million lines seems to be the limit!)
  6. Fully customizable key bindings including vim and Emacs modes
  7. Search and replace with regular expressions
  8. Highlight matching parentheses
  9. Toggle between soft tabs and real tabs
  10. Displays hidden characters
  11. Drag and drop text using the mouse
  12. Line wrapping
  13. Code folding
  14. Multiple cursors and selections
  15. Live syntax checker (currently JavaScript/CoffeeScript/CSS/XQuery)
  16. Cut, copy, and paste functionality

Pranav Singh Author: Pranav Singh

Hello, I am Author of this blog. The main purpose of this blog is to provide all the jQuery plugins which is helpful in designing and developing a web application in a single location from the web.

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