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Monday, 5 December 2016

Integrate a Stripe Payment Gateway with PHP

This article will show you how you can integrate a Stripe Payment Gateway with PHP.

Making a Sleek Feed Widget With YQL, jQuery & CSS3

This tutorial will show you to make a sleek feed widget, that will fetch any feed and display it in your blog sidebar. You can set it up to show the latest posts from the different categories of your blog, your latest stumbles, or even people mentioning you on twitter.

Making a Photoshoot Effect With jQuery & CSS

This jQuery PhotoShoot plugin gives you the ability to convert any div on your web page into a photo shooting effect, complete with a view finder.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

jQuery Event Calendar

This article will show you an event calendar developed using jquery.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Grid Navigation Effects with jQuery

 jQuery plugin for grid navigation through a set of thumbnails. Is perfect for galleries, featured images.

jQuery-VideoSync : Sync page effects with html5 video

jquery-videosync makes video not so isolated on the page, adds interactivity and content accents.

Multiple File Upload using jquery fileuplad and Spring MVC

Multiple File Upload using jquery fileuplad and Spring MVC

Friday, 2 December 2016

jQuery UI Draggable - Constrain movement

Constrain the movement of each draggable by defining the boundaries of the draggable area. Set the axis option to limit the draggable's path to the x- or y-axis, or use the containment option to specify a parent DOM element or a jQuery selector, like 'document.'

jQuery UI Draggable - Auto-scroll

Automatically scroll the document when the draggable is moved beyond the viewport. Set the scroll option to true to enable auto-scrolling, and fine-tune when scrolling is triggered and its speed with the scrollSensitivity and scrollSpeed options.

jQuery UI Draggable - Default functionality

Enable draggable functionality on any DOM element. Move the draggable object by clicking on it with the mouse and dragging it anywhere within the viewport.

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